Microsoft's Joe Belfiore confirms Windows phone is no more a 'focus'


Microsoft has announced it is killing off Windows Phone after 17 years.

Microsoft appears to be moving away from its smartphone operating system, Windows 10 Mobile, according to BBC News.

Microsoft's Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group Joe Belfiore tweeted; "We have tried VERY HARD to incent app devs". He says that the company even went so far as to write apps for developers, but the lack of users on the platform kept them from investing in it.

In all fairness, Microsoft did its best to push its Windows mobile platform, but Google's Android and iOS always maintained the lead.

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Microsoft is finally stepping out of the mobile operating system market, declaring itself finished with Windows Phone. Any updates you do receive will general bug fixes and security updates. "But building new features/hw aren't the focus".

Thomas MukoyaA Microsoft delegate checks applications on a smartphone during the launch of the Windows 10 operating system in Kenya's capital Nairobi, July 29, 2015.

But the platform suffered due a lack of apps in its app store, Windows Marketplace, and the inability to offer timely updates as compared to the fast evolving Android.

Citing the lack of app support and poor market share, Microsoft has finally made a decision to kill support for Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 mobile for a while yet.

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The developer said, he himself has switched to Android for any apps purposes and if people think they should give it up, then they should give it up.

Bill Gates has given up his Windows phone.

Microsoft's latest effort to keep Windows relevant in mobile is to bring the Windows 10 PC browser, Edge, to Android and iOS.

During Build and Inspire conferences of Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadella stated the company's mantra, "mobile-first, cloud-first".

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IDC's Francisco Jeronimo said: "There wasn't a range of devices running Windows 10 Mobile, so it wasn't attractive to retailers or operators".