New Android Wear 2.0 Features Can Now Arrive Via Play Store


According to one of the developers on the Android Wear team, smartwatches with Android Wear 2.0 included can get updates straight from the Google Play Store when the Android Wear companion app is updated.

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Last week Android Wear smartwatches disappeared from the Google Store, prompting (it turns out) unwarranted fears the platform was on the way out. Wear 2.0 hasn't been received almost as well as might have been expected, with many observers understandably worrying for its future.

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Android Wear 2.0's new update process is here, and new features are expected to be available "in the coming months". Days before the hardware launch event, Google announced a new Android Wear beta program for Oreo that would start with the LG Watch Sport. In other words, Google will be able to introduce bug fixes and add entirely new features via a simple update to the Android Wear app on your phone via the Play Store rather than having to push out an entire OTA upgrade for your watch. The aim with this is to publish more timely improvements between full over-the-air firmware updates that can often take months to arrive after they've been released. This is part of a trend we have been seeing more of in the past couple of years with Android smartphone manufacturers creating individual Play Store versions of apps usually baked into their own UIs. Hopefully, this will make it easier and faster for Google to address some of the many shortcomings of Android Wear 2.0 and give the ecosystem a much-needed boost.

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