Nintendo has filed a trademark for its original Game Boy


The hack was designed by a Russian hacker known as "ClusterM", who also figured out how to exploit the previously released NES Classic.

The trademark filing does not mention the name Game Boy Classic Edition or Game Boy Classic mini, but a similar trademark filing showed up a year ago for the SNES Classic, according to Japanese blog ninten-switch. The filing was actually outed by a Japanese trademark bot on Twitter, and the illustration that appears with the filing is simply one of the original Game Boy.

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Given the company has found a new way to mint coin with their recent Lilliputian re-imaginings, a miniaturised miniature seems a high possibility.

Though a Game Boy mini would undoubtedly be minute, it'd go someway to beating the Game Boy Micro, a beautifully-sleek 5cm long redesign of the Game Boy Advance, released in 2005. Japan is obviously a much smaller market, but Nintendo still got nearly 173,000 more units into consumers' hands in just four days of the Mini Super Famicom being on sale.

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It covers a variety of use cases including "home video game console" programs as well as "programs for smartphones", "smartphone cases", and "smartphone covers". Nostalgic games such as "Zombie Ate My Neighbors" is part of the list, aside from those already included in the original and official list.

Though we wouldn't object to a Game Boy Classic Mini at all, there are some limitations to it. Furthermore, not all games may work properly, especially since it was not officially released by Nintendo.

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