Norway breaks barriers as federation agrees to equal pay for women


In what players' union boss Joachim Walltin believes to be the first deal of its kind, the Norwegian FA has announced that it is nearly doubling the remuneration pot for the women, from 3.1 million Norwegian crowns ($388,000) to a total of 6 million crowns.

NORWEGIAN male and female players will now be paid equally when representing their country at global level.

Per Reuters (for the Guardian), players' union president Joachim Walltin believes the deal to be the first of its kind.

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"But not at least for all the female athletes out there, who does the same work, same sport as men's do, but get paid less!"

"In Denmark they are still negotiating and in the USA things have improved, but we might be the only country where they are treated equally", Walltin said. It makes me want to hug you all. Noting the gesture taken by her male counterparts, Caroline Graham Hansen, a member of Norway's women's national team, shared a photo of the men's team on Instagram with a grateful caption.

In a move that will dramatically increase the amount paid to numerous country's female athletes, male and female global soccer players will soon earn equal pay in Norway. "For the girls, it will certainly make a difference".

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Walltin said that improved financial conditions were only one aspect of the deal which appealed to the female players. The feeling of being really respected is very important for them. "For showing equality and helping us all, making it a bit easier, to chase our dreams", she wrote alongside a picture of the men's side.

"Compared to the women, we men have been very privileged, so it wasn't a hard decision", said Stefan Johansen, the men's team captain, in a statement. In April, the U.S. women's team made a breakthrough, convincing U.S. Soccer to up their wages, which helped decrease the wage gap, but didn't eliminate it entirely, although top women's players now do make more than some lower-tier players on the men's side.

Additionally, several members of the Brazilian national team recently retired and penned an open letter criticizing their federation for the same reason.

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