NRA on bump stocks: 'We don't believe bans ever worked on anything'


This time in the gambling party city of Las Vegas. Perhaps banning the manufacture and importation, not the sale, of semi-automatic weapons would be a good step. A drive-by knifing is pretty hard, and evil Stephen Paddock couldn't have killed scores of people and wounded hundreds more from the 32nd floor of a hotel with a slingshot. We are still learning new details about the shooter and possible motivations.

For the third time in the last decade, America has witnessed the deadliest mass shooting in modern memory. Robbers and beatings? If you are ever in a life-threatening situation like that, statistics overwhelmingly say you are far better off running than fighting.

We must close this loophole so that we can ensure that we have a safeguard against those who should not possess unsafe weapons. We won't allocate funds to make sure mentally ill people are taken care of.

And please, NRA members, donate money to the victims and survivors of mass shootings in addition to the NRA.

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Another important reason why nothing will come of this shooting is that the NRA essentially owns republican politicians.

"I think if you look to Chicago, where you had over 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes past year, they have the strictest gun laws in the country", said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Besides, Slide Fire's ads say, they're fun! But, those people aren't major forces in the political climate. I would argue that it's nearly too late to talk about solutions to this problem. The Second Amendment has been perverted into meaning something it wasn't intended for. I believe this protection is crucial for people who need it, but that does not mean there shouldn't be regulations on them. Here are four common arguments against any kind of gun control. I think it's too easy for people to obtain weapons in this country. Some Republicans, in both the House and Senate, have suggested they might be open to such a ban. Automatic weapons have been tightly regulated since the 1930s, and manufacture of new machine guns has been illegal since 1986. "It's not a gun law" - may be fleeting. I find myself confused on solutions in many of these situations. Isn't it already against the law to own automatic assault weapons?

In discussing mass shootings, we must also address the day-to-day gun violence in this country. What if the Las Vegas shooter had been denied weapons due to this check? It would take an act of Congress to change that.

What are we doing wrong? Please do not give in to fear mongering; no one is talking about banning guns altogether.

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"What we have to look at is reducing gun violence in this country", Clark said.

The first amendment of the Constitution is arguably the most important, and it still has limits.

According Fox 45, Buckeye Firearms' Joe Eaton explained, "With a bump stock or a slide fire you hold your finger still and you move the rifle back and forth to fire it".

But what about the Second Amendment's requirement that the "right to bear arms shall not be infringed?" "However that gets fixed, I support", he said. Still, one of the devices on one guys gun made it well known. It means making it more hard to purchase guns. Quigley said, after recounting his experience at an IN gun show where a high-powered rifle was being raffled off for $1 tickets.

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