Paris Mayor Plans To Eliminate All Non-Electric Cars By 2030


In the future, the noise of vehicle engines revving in the streets of Paris might be just a memory.

Paris City Hall, already under attack over the establishment of no-car zones, car-free days and fines for drivers who enter the city in cars that are more than 20 years old, said it was not using the word "ban" but rather introducing a feasible deadline by which combustion-engine cars would be phased out.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo also said Thursday that diesel vehicles would be banned in the city by 2024.

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"We are seeing a revolution in terms of mobility and on the issue of climate", Christophe Nadjovski, Paris deputy mayor in charge of transport and public space, told France Info Radio on Tuesday. Paris officials aren't calling the limitations on vehicles an outright ban, but rather masquerading it behind a hard cutoff where inefficient cars powered by an internal combustion engine would be phased out in favor of newer, greener technology. Her detractors have accused her of waging a war against cars.

Paris has faced rising air pollution in the last few years. Paris has also instituted temporary vehicle bans inside the city in response to pollutant levels in the area, causing some irritation from city dwellers who have to commute by auto.

In a statement announcing the transition to only electric cars in Paris, officials made sure to clarify that the removal of all other types of cars by 2030 should not be interpreted as a ban but a "trajectory". The statement added that Paris officials would keep discussing the issue with residents and auto makers in the coming months.

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Hidalgo has been seeking to reduce pollution with a series of measures.

With her plan to take gasoline-powered cars off the roads, Hidalgo wants to go faster than the French government.

In recent months, French Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot prohibits sale of all petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles across country by 2040, explaining that y plan to reach target of zero carbon emissions in 2050.

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