Rally For Puerto Rico Planned Wednesday At The Capitol


Donald Trump renewed his criticisms of Puerto Rico on Thursday and said the United States government could not keep providing federal aid in the wake of Hurricane Maria "forever".

Trump dumped his gripes while more than 80% of the US territory is still without water, a third of its citizens do not have clean drinking water and the death toll from Maria has still not even been finalized. The president adds: "We can not keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been incredible (under the most hard circumstances) in P.R. forever!"

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On Monday, Istanbul prosecutors summoned another Turkish national working for the US consulate to testify. Ambassador John Bass told reporters the embassy hasn't received evidence supporting the allegations.

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on September 20.

Trump has come under fire for a patronising and callous attitude to the island, and got into a high-profile spat with the capital's mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz.

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Ninety percent of electricity customers were without power as of Wednesday, when the temperature reached 90 degrees in San Jaun. UNICEF USA also delivered emergency supply kits to provide approximately 60,000 people with basic hygiene supplies, including water purification tablets, water buckets, soap, toothpaste, detergent, sanitary pads and more. Trump tweeted a little after 7 a.m.

Replying to Trump's tweet, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer asked the following question: "Why do you continue to treat Puerto Ricans differently than other Americans when it comes to natural disasters?"

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"Puerto Rico survived the Hurricanes, now a financial crisis looms largely of their own making", tweeted Trump, apparently quoting television newscaster Sharyl Attkisson. Though its citizens can move freely throughout the country and serve in the U.S. military, they cannot vote and have little ability to sway policies that affect them. "Puerto Rico was totally destroyed". "We want them to be safe, and sound, and secure, and we will be there every day until that happens".