Samsung Connect Tag Will Track Your Kids, Pets, or Valuables


The Samsung Connect Tag is the first consumer mobile product to use Narrowband technology, a specially designed cellular communication standard for small data utilization, low power consumption and the ability to securely connect to the internet for optimal location services.

There is no shortage of little portable tracker devices that you can attach to your keys or your dog to ensure you never lose the things that matter most to you.

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For the uninitiated, NB-IoT licenses small amounts of LTE cellular spectrum to carry data for low-bandwidth devices.

Other features of the Connect Tag include an on-demand function that allows the user to request a tag's location at any time with the press of a button on their smartphones, as well as a "Send my location" function which lets the user possessing the device send their current location to a friend or family member at any time.

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The Connect Tag syncs with GPS and WPS, or Wi-Fi position system, for tracking.

The device is tied to Samsung's SmartThings IoT ecosystem. For example, using the geo-fence feature on the Samsung Connect Tag, the user can setup to turn on the lights and TV when they reach near their home.

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Other useful features include pressing a button on your phone to have the Connect Tag send its location to the handset (this is useful if you need to pick up your kid from somewhere or if you lose your vehicle in a crowded garage). On a single charge, the battery can last for up to seven days. Additionally, periodic location notifications will show a trace of the loved ones location record. Connect Tag comes with an exclusive ring that easily attaches to bags, collars or key rings. Dubbed as the Samsung Connect Tag, it can be used to track pets, as well as kids, when they go out of the house. It says the Connect Tag will go on sale starting from South Korea in the coming months.