San Diego man returns from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria


"Our mission is to support the governor and his response priorities through the unified command structure to help Puerto Ricans recover and return to routines".

Project Loon, owned by Google, is the launch of stratospheric balloons that carry internet connection to people in rural areas and in remote places.

"We all have family members in Puerto Rico".

The FCC said on Friday that 83 percent of cell sites remain out of service, while wireless communications company are deploying temporary sites.

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Puerto Rico, a United States territory with nearly 3.5 million American citizens, was devastated by the storm.

Forty-one JEA personnel boarded a plane Sunday headed for 30 days in Puerto Rico, where 90 percent of residents are still without power almost three weeks after Hurricane Maria tore through the island.

She says it was just a few weeks ago her family was stranded in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria.

On the upside, Project Loon conducted tests in Puerto Rico in 2016 and FlightRadar 24 plots a Loon balloon over the island.

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"Everything is brought here or there or wherever it's at, separate it and then we take it to my husband's warehouse", said organizer Joy Papilla Anderson.

Another potential hiccup in rolling out LTE via Loon balloons high in the sky is that some phones might need to be updated to allow them to operate on Band 8, which is required for Loon. "Project Loon is one such approach".

Loon was developed by X, part of Alphabet's innovation group. "The bottom line is, is that we are making progress every day in conjunction with" Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello "and in regards to the power failure, we're restringing a very fragile system every day". Alphabet worked with Peruvian network Telefonica to help pass a signal to the ground and allocate the correct spectrum and services.

Loon is one of Google's original "moonshot efforts created to bring connectivity to remote areas of the world and locales struggling in the aftermath of natural disaster". X performed similar relief effort in Peru earlier this year after intense flooding disrupted the local infrastructure.

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