Women not allowed to fly home after plastic surgery leaves them unrecognisable


Jian Hua Hua, a Chinese TV anchor, shared the photo on Weibo of the incident.

There are many downsides to plastic surgery, including looking so unrecognizable that airport security questions the legitimacy of your passport photo and bars you from your return flight.

As their faces were wrapped in bandages post surgery, the three women were unable to detained by immigration officers at passport control as their identified couldn't be matched. It is not known what proportion is for plastic surgery. As per reports, the women opted for plastic surgery in South Korea during the long holiday and on the way back, they weren't recognised and had to wait for proof of identification. "Even your mother won't recognize you".

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"Other comments were less kind: "(Their faces are) swollen like a pig's head", said one.

One popular account, "The Beijing Things Beijingers Don't Know", managed to re-post the picture on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

However, some netizens reflected that going under the knife is not a crime.

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South Korea has a booming and low-cost plastic-surgery industry complete with travel packages that include cosmetic treatments followed by safari trips in Africa, where people can heal - if they can make it past airport officials.

According to Chinese Eastern Airline regulations, passengers who have undergone plastic surgery are only allowed to fly 15 days after surgery.

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