Balloons Have Delivered Internet To Over 100000 Puerto Ricans


Still, a lot of the USA territory's 3.5 million people are without internet and cell services after Hurricane Maria knocked out much of Puerto Rico's infrastructure.

Project Loon, which uses high-flying balloons to provide internet connectivity, have been deployed over Puerto Rico, and have allowed thousands upon thousands of the island's residents to go online.

'As we get more familiar with the constantly shifting winds in this region, we hope to keep the balloons over areas where connectivity is needed for as long as possible.

Alphabet has however worked with AT&T and T-Mobile, and are together getting communication and internet activities to people with LTE handsets.

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The balloons were launched from Alpahbet's launch site in Nevada to Puerto Rico. Project Loon sent balloons to flood-ravaged Peru in May.

'Thanks to improvements in balloon design and durability, many balloons stay airborne for more than 100 days, with our record breaking balloon staying aloft for 190 days, ' the secretive firm said.

The Loon team joined forces with AT&T and T-Mobile for the efforts, which sends the balloons some 65,000 feet in the air to create a network that relays LTE signals to telecom partners on the ground below (in this case, AT&T and T-Mobile).

This is the second time that Project Loon has been used to connect people after a disaster. The research and development project uses high altitude balloons which have solar-powered electronic devices.

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The balloons are solar powered and have batteries on board, but service at night is limited.

With Project Loon proving its usefulness in Puerto Rico and Peru, Alphabet's X Lab should be commended for technology that really helps people in need.

In addition to Project Loon, telecommunication providers have been working to fix damaged cellular sites and towers on the ground.

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