Bill Gates invests $115 million to build 'smart city' in Arizona


Belmont, Arizona, which will house around 160,000 people in 80,000 homes, will embrace "cutting-edge technology" throughout the city, which is to be built on a desert area now occupied by just a few dozen people.

Belmont Partners, one of the Microsoft (Euronext: MSF.NX - news) founder's investment firms, has spent $80m (£61.1m) on buying and developing the new community near Tonopah, west of Phoenix.

Belmont Partners expressed that the land transformation would be like an unused-empty slate turned into a purposeful city standing on flexible structural design.

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In the press release of the Arizona based real-estate group, Belmont Partners said that the smart city-Belmont would make and encourage an advanced-thinking community with the connectivity and structural framework that encircles cutting edge technology, data centers, novel manufacturing techniques and distribution designs, self-driven automobiles, and autonomous logistics centers. Belmont will be located roughly 45 miles west of Phoenix in an area called the West Valley.

The new community is expected to have up to 80,000 residences, providing housing for a population of approximately 182,000.

The new smart city will use new technologies, including autonomous vehicles, which are now being tested on local public roads thanks to a relaxation of Arizona laws. Out of the 25,000 acres, 470 will be used for public schools, while 3,800 acres will go towards retail, office and commercial space. While the highway is tentatively set to complete construction in 2018, no timetables for Belmont have been publicly announced yet.

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As cities get more crowded, these types of technologies will become more necessary for residents to have an enjoyable quality of life.

Arizona is no stranger to utopian city projects. In many cities, the infrastructure technology is decades-old and inadequate for today's demands. But perhaps it will bring utopian ideas of planned communities, mostly abandoned in recent decades, into the 21st century. It is not surprising that Gates has put his stamp of approval on the idea.

Bill Gates the world's wealthiest man has initiated to lay plans relating the making of a "smart city" for people to assimilate new technologies into their lifestyles.

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