#BoycottKeurig trending after company pulls ads from Sean Hannity Show


"An attempt to divert attention from the true issues that effect the country like health care, military readiness, tax reform or national debt", Moore said.

Realtor.com also responded to a tweet by saying it would no longer be advertising on his show.

Hannity was heavily criticized last week after implying that one of the alleged incidents between Moore and an accuser, who said the Alabama senatorial candidate touched her over her underwear and tried to force her to touch his genitals when she was 14 and he was 32, was consensual.

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As advertisers flee from far-right Fox News host Sean Hannity over his defense of Roy Moore, Alabama's Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate who stands accused of child sex assault, Hannity fans have found a weird way of showing their support: Smashing their own stuff.

The #BoycottKeurig hastag was a top trending subject Sunday on Twitter. Realtor.com announced that it will no longer allow its ads to be shown during the Hannity program, and Keurig has followed suit while addressing the matter on Twitter.

Fox News did not comment on the fleeing advertisers. In covering the allegations, Hannity―along with one of his guests, attorney Mercedes Colwin―questioned the motives of Moore's accuser, speculating that she might have been lying and that she might be doing so for money. Moore has vehemently and repeatedly denied the allegations.

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The companies did not cite Hannity's comments as the reason why they were pulling their sponsorship.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.

It's not entirely clear if this means Keurig is only pulling ads from Hannity's radio show but will continue to advertise on TV during "Hannity". By the time O'Reilly left the network in April, more than 60 advertisers had pulled out of his show, which at the time was the network's most popular program. "You can move on to another advertiser".

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