British doctor punches shark on the nose to escape surf attack


"I was out surfing and I got this massive thud on my right-hand side; it completely blindsided me", Fry said.

"I didn't feel the teeth going in, it felt like I was smacked, it felt like a hand, a hand grabbing me, shaking me", he said, calling the attack a "close call".

When he turned around, Fry said he "saw a shark's head come out of the water with its teeth". I punched it in the face with my left hand. and managed to scramble back on my board, shout at my friends.

"I said, "just do what Mick did, just punch it in the nose", Fry told the Nine Network today.

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A three metre shark was located at Avoca shortly after he was attacked.

"It was a nervous swim in, with my bleeding arm", he said.

A BRIT doctor has told how he punched a "great white shark" that tried to rip his arm off during a surfing holiday in Australia. It kept coming at my board and I was kicking and screaming, ' Fanning said in the aftermath of the attack in 2015.

"I didn't really notice it at the time, because when you're surfing, all I was thinking was "I'm about to die", and I was just. thinking about getting in [to shore] as fast as possible".

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Once on shore, the puncture wounds were determined not to be serious, so after lifeguards tended to him, Fry was taken by his friends to the hospital for further treatment of the bite that spanned from the elbow to the top of the shoulder.

Following the attack, Avoca and North Avoca beaches were closed, and authorities began scouring waters for the shark involved the attack.

Avoca Beach and North Avoca have been closed for 24 hours following the ordeal.

He said he would not be back in the sea for a week because of his injuries, but after that would be "racing to get back in".

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