Chrome will soon block annoying website redirects


Google is targeting a number of tactics used by sites and advertisers that redirect users to unwanted destinations in the upcoming releases of its Chrome browser. Chrome's reach extends even further since it covers 62.66% of desktop and laptop internet users. The third-party redirects will be shown in an info bar on the page, requiring the user to manually click the ad. This, Google promises, will keep users on the primary page and prevent surprise redirects. Chrome 65 will begin detecting this behavior and again will trigger an infobar to prevent the main tab from being redirected.

The company said the feature would go live in Chrome 64, which is now in the Canary and Dev channels, and not expected to be completed until January 2018.

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When you are navigating to a particular web page and then suddenly your browser jumps to a different page in what is called a redirect this is annoying and often something the original website target did not want to happen. "This allows the user to continue directly to their intended destination, while also preserving the context of the page they came from".

The last bit of extended protections coming to Chrome that Google covered today deals with links to third-party websites disguised as play buttons, other site controls, or transparent overlays on websites that capture all clicks and open new tabs or windows. Google admits these sites are effectively circumventing Chrome's pop-up blocker by exploiting how redirects work. Google is also making it easier for site owners to discover whether their site is among those in question.

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"Together these protections will dramatically improve users' web browsing experiences while still allowing them access to all that the web has to offer", said Ryan Schoen, product manager for Chrome, in a blog post. Google is launching the Abusive Experience Report to help site owners check if any abusive experiences have been found on their site (issues left unaddressed for 30 days will trigger the prevention of new windows and tabs).

Will these improvements convince you to switch to Chrome?

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