Facebook launches collaborative Stories for Groups and Events


By the looks of it, Facebook seems to be focusing quite a bit on the Stories section, which is doing well on its photo-sharing app, Instagram.

Connor Hayes-Product Manager-Facebook, while talking to the representatives of TechCrunch informed that the stories are being consolidated to make it much simpler for people to share stories across various applications. Along with this change, Facebook is also killing private ephemeral messaging feature Direct. The company says this will make it easier for users to share content across both services, while also noting that some people were already under the impression that stories posted to Messenger were also posted to Facebook. Views on both platforms will be synced as well.

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Facebook has eliminated its Messenger Day feature, a Snapchat clone that isn't even a year old yet. According to TechCrunch, Facebook and Messenger will maintain their individual identities by continuing to segregate camera features. "So it's going to be a connected experience", Bozek told me from the Messenger side, explaining that for those users who are overseas or away from home, Stories can be one of the main modes of communication with friends and family. Having separate versions for Facebook and Messenger made no sense anyway and might be one of the reasons why they're nowhere near as successful as their counterpart on Instagram. Starting today, users of Facebook Groups and Events will be able to contribute to a Story visible to the rest of the members and moderated by the admins.

"Give multiple people the opportunity to tell a story from multiple different angles". People will see Stories on their Event and Group pages, as well as atop their News Feed.

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While the socio-tech giant is restructuring many aspects of stories, it is also adding the unified Stories for events.

What we can take away from all these changes, ultimately, is that Stories is being positioned as an integral part of the way that Facebook works.

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