Google says Docs is down for 'a significant' number of users


Google Docs users also encountered issues earlier this month when a bug caused the company to block access to certain files that were incorrectly flagged for violating Google's terms of service. It was mid-afternoon when Google Docs service went down and everyone was hoping for not to lost their valuable data.

"We're aware of a problem with Google Docs affecting a significant subset of users".

At 2209 GMT the Twitter account for Google Docs said: "Docs is back up for most users, and we expect a full resolution for all users shortly".

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Google Docs was temporarily inaccessible to a "significant subset of users" on Wednesday, 15 November, locking tens of thousands of people out of their documents and files., which tracks outages around the world, suggested US users were having the most significant issues - though there were some reports in Europe, where the outage occurred at a time that was outside of typical hours for most business.

About an hour later, the company said the Google Docs service had been restored "for some users", adding it expects "a resolution for all users in the near future".

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Clearly, the company is working to fix the problem.

According to, the problem was mostly experienced by users in the USA, although the problem did occur outside of business hours for most businesses in Europe.

Google Docs states that they are still committed to high quality systems that fully secure files as well as keep content safe.

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There was a number of tweets and updates over social media depicting the stress level of people who were very fond of using Google Drive and Google Docs. Sorry for this disruption and thanks again for your patience with us.