Hina Khan and Arshi Khan once again get into a fight


Puneesh consoled Bandgi as she was on the verge of losing the captaincy task.

As Luv carried Benafsha and Hina's stuff back inside the house, everyone made fun of him. Benafsha tells her that she has a boyfriend but Hina tells her that Priyank's behaviour has changed in the past four to five days. The contenders are given a nest each and they have to collect eggs from the housemates.

All contestants were given a nest each while the competitors got three nests. Each contestant is given a single egg to safely keep it with themselves.

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Sabyasachi won the captaincy task and everyone seemed to be celebrating. Vikas keeps calling Luv a bouncer. In then end, Sabyasachi becomes then captain because he has the highest number of eggs. But there is a catch!

Bigg Boss has become mired in fights, and there was still another one between Vikas and Luv, Priyank and Puneesh.

Before the task starts, Shilpa Shinde discusses her strategy with Akash Dadlani, Arshi and Mehjabi Siddiqui that Priyank and Luv will destroy Akash's egg so they will give their eggs to Sabyasachi Satapathy.

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Shilpa will ask Akash to make Puneesh understand and support him for captaincy but he knows Puneesh will not leave Bandgi's side.

Meanwhile Hina and Benafsha take advantage of the situation and pass comments on Akash saying that his own friends do not want him to be the captain.

Whilst the task is going on, Vikas and Priyank get into a serious argument, and Vikas says that Priyank is simply finding reasons to get into a fight.

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The task comes to an end and Sabyasachi is announced as the next captain. He selects Hiten. Hina says it is unfair that they had to spent so long in the jail as other people also break rules. Stuck in a prison with Benafsha and Hina, he lets out his inner diva. Hina told Arshi that she may be desperate but she needs to get footage off someone else. In the game, the three of them have to separately cross three hurdles and then, when they're covered in mud, they have to get their faces cleaned by their partners, Benafsha, Bandgi and Arshi respectively. Akash also accepted that he emerged a victor by handing over his egg.