Hitman TV Series Coming to Hulu from 'John Wick' Creator


Film adaptations of Agent 47's adventures have often failed to figure this out, instead opting to give audiences loud gunfights and hand-to-hand melees. His job certainly isn't easy. There was a secret assassin society that was set up and then built upon even further in the sequel and the world of John Wick is rich with exploration, which means that Hitman shouldn't be new territory for Derek Kolstad.

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Hitman has been a huge success, selling over 25 million copies of its game since it was released in 2000. Hulu will work in conjunction with 21st Century Fox on a pilot script that will eventually transform Hitman into what the online network hopes will become "a flagship series". The report from Deadline also noted that there are two new Hitman games in the works which is interesting, to say the least.

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Now, you can say all you want about his silver screen outings - Hitman and Hitman: Agent 47 - but I enjoyed them both to varying degrees. Unlike 2007's Hitman film, or 2015's Hitman: Agent 47, the planned Hitman adaptation will be for a new TV series on Hulu. Kolstad's understated writing and ability to create a just-so fantasy world of hitman hotels and elegant "rules" dictating fistfights in Rome's streets should serve the video game well, considering its backstory is a mix of James Bond-esque homicidal glamor and goofy SF. With the "John Wick" writer behind him, maybe there's reason to believe Agent 47 will find his mark this time.

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