How to get started with Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.2


The good news is that Apple pushed a update to iOS that specifically addressed the issue on Thursday, six days after the problem started cropping up.

Apple's new iOS 11.1.1 update focuses primarily on bugs and issues which were previously discovered in iOS 11.1.

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iOS 11 was released to the general public in September that brought quite a handful of forward-facing additions to the table. Henceforth, if you're someone who has been facing the keyboard autocorrect issue, be sure to update to iOS 11.1.1 in order to fix it. Apple already provided a step-by-step guide to temporarily disable the autocorrect bug, but a software update is also expected to be released soon.

When you request money from someone using Apple Pay Cash, the recipient of the message can tap Pay on the message and either change or confirm the amount before making payment. Users can also connect their phones to a computer and download the new software from iTunes. The autocorrect bug has been intermittently annoying a subset of users since the release of iOS 11.1. The device then pulls up Apple Pay as a suggestion where it usually predicts the next word.

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The Apple Pay features on iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2 means Apple device owners won't have to download other apps like Venmo for person-to-person transactions.

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