In 'Justice League,' DC looks beyond Superman and Batman


A Dark Knight who tends to do things solo, Batman is "the glue that holds them all together", Affleck says. Though the epicenter of DC Comcs has always revolved around Batman and Superman, that's starting to change. The clip, which has been split across two tweets, will likely be pulled by Warner the coming hours (if it hasn't already), so be sure to have a peek while you still can. "That was upsetting", Snyder told USA TODAY a few months later, "and made me evaluate myself and where I was with the movies and what I wanted to say with them". But these heroes must be brought together to face a common threat and Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot, explained why Steppenwolf is the flawless villain for Justice League.

"I think the attractive thing is the connectivity", said Fisher. And to see that different manifestation of Batman and his whole different style. There is also his more orchestral take on the now-iconic "Wonder Woman" theme which was first introduced in "Batman vs. Superman" titled "Is She With You?"

This movie is far from black and white with special effects galore, a new version of the bat mobile and detailed costumes for characters.

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Miller remembers Zack Snyder helping him grasp parts of the movie using storyboards in his office: "You can ask him what's going on in a scene and he can show it to you, saying things like, 'And there you go, boom. I love the character, I love everything the character stands for", Cavill said.

However, the consensus among those who have seen Justice League is that all of the heroes come off well, and the direction of the franchise is in good shape.

Mother Boxes: what the heck are they? Man of Steel 2 is years away at the earliest, and Ben Affleck is once again hinting that he's looking to leave the DCEU.

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Justice League director Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, which debuted Cavill as Superman four years ago, started the path to the supergroup event movie.

When will Justice League release? Justice League reaches cinemas 17 November.

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