Instagram now lets you add any photos or videos to your Stories


You can now upload photos to your Instagram Story that are up to a week old. Now, the app lets you browse through your library and pick any image or video you want, regardless of when it was taken. Also, when you select a photo/video that's more than 24 hours old, you will automatically see a sticker which helps you add context to it such as the date on when it was taken. And people can change the color, size and position of this date like any other sticker.

The new feature rolls out today as part of updates to the Instagram app for Android and iOS users worldwide.

Previously, users could just screenshot or alter the metadata on the original image to trick Instagram into thinking this was a recent photo.

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But this meant that users couldn't include a "flashback" photo or video as part of their daily update.

The magic of Instagram Stories has always been that you can post portions of your day - as long they were captured in the last 24-hours.

Users will be able to post anything from their camera roll to Instagram Stories beginning today.

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Stories (pictured) are created to be a "glimpse" of your day, meaning Instagram has previously banned users from using older photos. Photos and videos shared to Stories are viewable by your followers for 24 hours before they expire. Snapchat has notoriously designed new features that are undiscoverable and often completely hidden.

The feature was first tested back in August with a small percentage of its users.

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