Is your iPhone X freezing in cold weather?


Ever since the iPhone X hit the market, Apple fanatics are going gaga over it.

A so-called "green line of death" has been appearing on the screens of several iPhone X devices, owners of the eye-wateringly expensive new Apple device are reporting. Some users have complained that their iPhone X's display becomes unresponsive in cold temperatures, while another subset of users are complaining that their iPhone X display starts to show a green on the display after a period of use. According to customer comments on social media and Apple related chat forums, it seems that most of the buzzing occurs when playing any sort of audio through the device near maximum volume.

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Apple is working on improving the iPhone X and the only way of doing that until a new iPhone is released is through the iOS 11 updates.

In the meantime, they say the screen will become fully functional and responsive again after several seconds. You can be sure Apple are already looking into this, and coming up with a fix. In a statement, Apple says they are aware of the issue and are now preparing a software update.

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The green line problem appears to be rather more limited, but it is concerning nonetheless.

The green line doesn't appear on the display when users first turn the phone on apparently, but spontaneously shows on screen after a short period of normal usage, reports MacRumors who cited users from the US, Canada, Poland, and Australia as having experienced the glitch.

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In the past week, Apple users reportedly complained of not being able to type the letter "I", as it was automatically changed to other letters or characters. Last week, Apple had also warned users that the iPhone X's OLED screen might fall prey to screen burn in, and advised users to keep the brightness as low as possible to avoid the problem.