Israeli official under fire for comments on American Jews' military service


Israel's Prime Minister has condemned a deputy for what he deemed to be "offencive remarks" about American Jews.

"There is no room for such attacks and these comments do not represent Israel's position", Netanyahu said about Hotevely's criticism, who serves as his deputy in his capacity as foreign minister.

"To me what happened over the past couple of days does not reflect the spirit of what I said - that that Israel embraces you as Jews and urges you to deepen your ties to Israel", she said.

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"It is important to say that most of the interview spoke about the importance that [Hotovely] sees in the connection between us and American Jewry, and that Israel is the home of all the world's's a shame that this part has been left out of the part published on the internet". "They don't know how it feels to be attacked by rockets, and I think part of it is actually experiencing what Israel is dealing with on a daily basis".

"One may argue about the timing of Tzipi Hotovely's comments, but is very hard to argue on substance of her remarks", one perso, tweeted.

"Maybe they're too young to remember how it feels to be a Jewish person without a Jewish homeland, without a Jewish state", she said in English, adding that US Jewry "never send their children to fight for their country". "The Jews of the Diaspora are dear to us and are an inseparable part of our people". But Hotovely's remarks appeared to dig further than normal by questioning the commitment of American Jews to their own country, an idea that Jewish groups in the USA say is an anti-Semitic trope.

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Hotovely also responded to the outcry her interview caused, attempting to step back the comments, saying on Thursday she was only trying to talk about complexity of life in Israel under the threat of constant terror.

The Israeli army and local media frequently air interviews with "lone soldiers" from the United States; young men and women who have left their families at home and come to Israel for the express goal of volunteering for army service, including combat units. "I view the link between us and the American Jewry as essential". In response to the university's decision, she said: "The fact [that] you are inviting an overseas representative of the Israeli government and you are cancelling on the same day because some students don't like my opinions, this is something really bad that's happening under what I call the liberal dictatorship". "People who don't have the daily reality of Israel have great difficulty understanding the situation in the Middle East".

In a 2013 survey, the Pew Research Center estimated there were roughly 5.3 million Jewish Americans - 2.2 percent of the USA population - counting both observant and non-religious Jews. He went on to assert that "this government does not stop dividing the Jewish people in Israel and overseas". "Israel and the U.S. are countries that have very different daily lives".

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