Logitech offers Harmony Link owners free Hub after backlash, share drop


I want to make sure those within warranty redeem their free Harmony Hub, which provides similar, if not better, app-based remote control features to Harmony Link.

"Customers received an e-mail explaining that Logitech will "discontinue service and support" for the Harmony Link as of March 16, 2018, adding that Harmony Link devices "will no longer function after this date". It offered a replacement Harmony Hub (the updated version) for anyone still in warranty and a 35% discount for those no under warranty.

"The thought process was driven by the fact that we have something better, we're making it better all the time, it supports home control, voice assistants, and it does all the things that Harmony Link already did", Dooley said. According to the information Ars Technica acquired, Logitech have decided not to renew a so called "technology certificate license" which will mean the Link will no longer work.

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Originally, Logitech planned to only offer Harmony Link owners with active warranties free upgrades to its new Harmony Hub devices.

A Logitech employee highlights the expiry of a "technology certificate license" as the cause of the discontinuation in a response post. Clearly the company knows that its users have a good reason to be frustrated. It lets users control a range of home devices, such as video players and TV sets.

Customers that now use the Harmony Link have begun receiving emails stating, "On March 16, 2018, Logitech will discontinue service and support for Harmony Link".

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Additionally, Logitech has also been criticized for recently selling discounted Harmony Hub units with a three-month warranty.

While that logic is somewhat understandable, if frustrating for users, it gets worse when you take a look at how Logitech has treated the Link. "As to the accusation that it was censoring the words "class action lawsuit" on its forums, the company says it has always done that as it "[does] not allow solicitation, including legal solicitation". The certificate will not be renewed as we are focusing resources on our current app-based remote, the Harmony Hub.

Logitech chose to shut down all Harmony Link systems because it would not renew a technology certificate license that expires in March 2018.

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