Nintendo to Boost Produce Between 25 and 30 Million Switches Next Year


Nintendo consoles can be notoriously hard to find, and the Switch's enormous popularity has made it no exception to this rule.

Nintendo's Switch console could be a bit easier to find next year.

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If interest persists, it's plausible that the Switch could one day outsell the original Wii, the company's most popular home console to date with more than 100 million units shipped. Currently, Nintendo's projections for the fiscal year are to sell 14 million Switch units, though the increased production of the system for next fiscal year could change depending on how well the system performs during the upcoming holiday season (and the Switch's first holiday season).

The Switch has been an unequivocal success for Nintendo, but if there's one area where the company has faltered, it has been producing enough supply to meet the voracious demand.

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The anonymous sources also added that Nintendo has updated its games industry partners about these plans, presumably to entice third-party developers and publishers to bring more games to its console and ship more units of those games going forward. Over a seven-month period, Nintendo sold 7.63 million systems and plans to sell 9.1 million more by the console's one-year anniversary.

PlayStation 4, meanwhile, would remain the market leader by a healthy margin.

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While we already knew the company planned to increase its production when the fiscal year starts next April, the degree it plans to boost production is a lot higher than originally expected.