Patient in ambulance left with shocking windscreen note dies in hospital


West Midlands Ambulance staff were left staggered by the slip of paper pushed under their windscreen wiper as they treated a patient who was suffering major internal bleeding inside the vehicle.

"However they added another post on Facebook, writing: "‪Just heard from one of our staff that two crews were treating a cardiac arrest patient today - the most serious case we can attend - and someone banged on the side of the ambulance asking them to move as they couldn't get their auto out!"

"There is no justification for what I did".

They also included the hashtag 'patients first'.

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He said: "I just snapped and had a rush of blood to the head".

Shabbir claims he became irate after waiting 20 minutes behind the ambulance in a bid to get into his home, which led him to pen the angry note.

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust said that "patients come first". "I hope the crew were not too upset", wrote another. They trook him on blue lights to hospital where he was in a critical condition.

People were horrified by what the note said.

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The man later died in hospital, with his family saying that their loss had been made "50 times worse" by the note.

"The crew was not on scene long due to how poorly the patient was", paramedic clinical team mentor Sam Grimson said.

"We always try to park appropriately but sometimes it [is] not possible".

A picture of the note was shared by paramedic Tasha Starkey, who said: "Minimal on scene time, arrived at hospital to find this note".

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Twitter user Jon Watson: "Something wrong with this country when our emergency services are faced with petty parking notes on @OFFICIALWMAS Ambulances and kids aiming fireworks @Tyne_Wear_FRS on call outs 999 crews may be helping you next time".