'Pokemon Go' is making major changes to raids


However, Niantic still hasn't shared concrete details on third generation Pokemon in Pokemon GO, so we don't know which will be added first or when we will start seeing them in the game.

A few months ago, the development team behind the popular augmented reality game "Pokemon Go" introduced its new feature "Exclusive Raids". With these improvements, Niantic says that Pokemon trainers who are more dedicated in playing the game and have invested a lot of time won't have to worry about participating in Raid Battles. Likewise, "Pokemon Go" players who have completed a large number of Raid Battles are more likely to be invited to EX Raid Battles.

The headline changes are that Ex Raids will now primarily take place at sponsored locations and at Gyms found in parks. Instead, the invite system will now take into account your raiding activity throughout the game so far.

Trainers with a high-level Gym Badge are more likely to be invited to EX Raid Battles taking place at that Gym. As if that weren't enough, Trainers will get an added bonus in the form of premium raid passes and stardust when an EX Raid battle gets abandoned. Besides some evidence that Niantic is laying the foundation for the introduction of third generation Pokemon, dataminers have also discovered 3D assets for a new shiny Pokemon.

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Developer Comments: We want Trainers to walk away from Raid Battles feeling like they've earned some fantastic rewards, even if the Raid Boss flees.

Niantic's developers also said that they believe that all of these changes will have a positive impact on trainers around the world.

With the implementation of these changes, Niantic will now treat Pokemon GO's EX raid battles as officially launched.

General Raid rewards have also been tweaked, as Niantic hands out better items to successful players.

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"When the feature first entered field-testing, the system randomly selected a set of Trainers who were eligible for the EX Raid Battle".

The number of Potions and Revives awarded to Trainers for completing a Raid Battle will decrease slightly, but the quality of Potions will increase.

Trainers will now receive Stardust for participating in a Raid Battle, whether they win or lose. Niantic promised that fixes were on the way back in late October, hinting at major improvements based on player feedback.

The chance of getting a TM will be boosted in Tier 3 or higher raids.

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