Rebel Wilson Comes Forward With Claims Of Abuse By Powerful "Male Star"


PITCH PERFECT STAR Rebel Wilson opened up about her own experience with sexual harassment on Twitter last night.

The Pitch Perfect star, who is now filming a new comedy overseas, went on a Twitter tirade over the weekend, stating that it has been "hard to hear all these stories relating to sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood" and then stated she has her own story to tell.

In a series of tweets the 37-year-old alleged how the actor, who she didn't name, demanded that she perform a sex act on him while his friends filmed the incident on their phones. After the encounter, Wilson tweeted, she was "threatened by one of the star's representatives to be nice and support the male star". Wilson said earlier in her career, she also had a hotel encounter with a top director, but that nothing happened.

Wilson alleged that she met up with the director, and during the beginning of their chat, his wife unexpectedly called to yell at him over the phone for allegedly fooling around with actresses.

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"I thought we were there to talk comedy".

Wilson added that it was "so saddening" to hear about sexual assault and harassment, and promised not be "polite" about it if she saw it again.

Wilson also claims she was harassed by a director.

"I realize not everyone is as lucky", she said.

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She once said their friendship "really helped make my career" and that "it didn't do them any harm, either". Joni Evans , Smith's literary agent, told The Associated Press she died of natural causes.

She wrote: "I feel lucky that I grew up in a pro-female environment, going to an all-girls high school, and that I have such a strong sense of self and have taken self-defence classes. Interpret that as you will", she finished.

Wilson said she was to escape both incidents. Harvey Weinstein has been accused by countless women of misconduct ranging from harassment to rape.

Those allegations have led many women and men to come forward with similar allegations against titans in the entertainment industry. He has, just as many of those accused of sexual assault or harassment in the past month have, indicated that he will attempt to step out of the spotlight for the forseeable future.

In a statement posted on social media on Thursday, Westwick said claims against him were "unverified and "provably untrue".

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