Sixth Woman Comes Forward To Accuse George HW Bush Of Groping


A sixth woman has come forward to say that former President George H.W. Bush groped her during a photo op.

But while she stood for the picture with Mr Bush and her mother, the former president squeezed her bottom, Ms Corrigan told Time Magazine.

After Lind's accusation, Bush's spokesperson apologized on the former president's behalf and said Bush, who has been confined to a wheelchair for about five years due to vascular parkinsonism, intended the gesture-touching women's behinds without their consent-in a "good-natured manner".

Time magazine reported on Monday that Rosyln Corrigan is accusing Bush of groping her buttocks when she was standing next to him for a photo at a November 2003 event at a Central Intelligence Agency office, which she attended with her parents. "I was really, really confused", she told Time.

Young declined to comment further, referring questions to lawyer Gloria Allred's office. "I was like, 'Oh my goodness, what just happened?'"

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Corrigan's mother said she didn't say anything to Bush in part out of fear of jeopardizing her husband's job.

According to Corrigan, the groping occurred in November of 2003 at an event in The Woodlands, Texas.

As Radar previously reported, Bush's rep claimed that his alleged groping comes from his years of sitting in a wheelchair. The other accusers include actress Heather Lind, who said Bush "sexually assaulted" her while they were posing for photos in 2014.

"He didn't shake my hand".

Bush is one of dozens of powerful politicians and celebrities to be accused of sexual misconduct since actor Alyssa Milano launched the Me Too campaign in October, encouraging women to share their stories on social media after Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment by more than a dozen women. "It was a serious squeeze".

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Mr Bush was the 41st president and served from 1989 to 1993.

In the photo taken with Corrigan, he was not in a wheelchair and is clearly shown standing.

In October - before Corrigan's account was made public - CNN spoke with neuroscience and brain imaging expert Daniel Amen, who does not treat Bush, to ask about how the former president's condition might affect his behavior. She said Bush also repeated the "David Cop-a-feel", joke to her as he touched her. "I think in order for us to have progress and for women to reach the true equality we deserve to have, we need to stop making excuses and letting that be OK".

"No, I don't think that excuses it, and I don't think that explains it", she said.

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