Survey says around 60% of buyers want the iPhone X $1149 model!


Bkav admits that the project is too far from practical for average iPhone X users to be anxious about, as it's unlikely someone is going to go to these lengths to look at some private photos or email.

Apple tried to inspire confidence in Face ID through a technical white paper released in late September.

Interpret this: one of Roy Moore's accusers has worked for Democrats
In response, Moore told Breitbart News the story was "completely false" and a "desperate political attack". Gibson has also shared information on facebook promoting Democrat Doug Jones' candidacy for US Senate.

It now appears all that work has been in vain, as Vietnamese security company Bkav has demonstrated that a simple (or somewhat complex) mask is able to fool Face ID in unlocking without the user being present. With Face ID implementation, iPads will also get special features like Animoji and app compatibility, while Apple could launch the second version of Apple Pencil alongside the new iPad. Face ID's biggest innovation is the 3-D image scan of the user's face that it relies on, which sets it apart from other facial recognition systems that just use a color 2-D image. Instead of making a realistic mask, the security firm crafted an elaborate mask with the sole goal of beating Face ID and the iPhone X's depth mapping technology. The mask also features a silicone nose and 2D images for some components such as the eyes.

Apple is betting on its Face ID technology as the next step in securing your devices against intruders, unless you have a twin. The price of this mask is approx Dollars 150. Well, that depends on who you are. However, surveys have shown that people are interested in the Apple iPhone X 256GB model more than the base model which will cost around $999 without tax.

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If the Apple does adopt this new iPhone X-like design, the new iPad Pro could feature a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch screen in a much smaller form factor.

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According to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Canada is not ready to make a decision on the principle agreement. Staying away from the meeting wasn't a negotiating strategy, but it did yield results, the official claimed.