Uber rant caught on camera; fired Texas prosecutor speaks


"Although criminal charges have not been filed, her behavior is contrary to this office's core principle of integrity, and it will not be tolerated", District Attorney Faith Johnson said in a written statement Monday after a "thorough investigation".

Uber driver Shaun Platt said prosecutor Jody Warner appeared to be intoxicated when he picked her up at the Capitol Pub in Dallas late that evening. Platt said he pulled over and asked her to get out of the auto.

After alleged continued name-calling and yelling by Ms Warner, the situation took an unexpected turn when she accused him of kidnapping her by refusing to take her home. "I just want to go home", she ranted.

Platt said Warner told him "she knew people" and that "he would never work again".

"I said, 'Nope that's it, ' and I pulled over on the side of the road". "But I didn't call the cops". "She actually hit me".

Frizell said her decision to stand by Warner was not political but rather to offer support to someone she described as an "excellent prosecutor". "Any further information relating to this incident should be directed to the Dallas County District Attorney's Office".

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Five minutes later, Platt called 911, with the man recording as he waited for police to respond.

"Oh my God, you're going to regret this so much", a woman is heard saying in the audio recording. "You're kind of right.' So I took out my phone and I recorded it". "@dallasnews @CityOfDallas Horrible human @jody_warner needs to be FIRED for berating and threatening a good human with her self-inflated power and position #scumbag", wrote one woman in a fairly typical post.

"So you're kidnapping me", the woman said.

She reportedly left in a police auto. Oh my God, you're an idiot. You or me?' " Platt told ABC.

Assistant District Attorney Jody Warner was sacked Monday over the Friday night incident.

"We'll wait for the cops then if that's what you think is appropriate", she continued. "I mean no harm to her", Mr Platt said.

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"It's not kidnapping, ma'am".

But she continued to accuse him of kidnapping her since he did not take her to the requested destination, while he repeatedly told her to exit the auto. "I'm a district attorney", Warner allegedly told him. I was just telling Facebook friends and when I get home I have thousands of views.

The LinkedIn page says that Warner graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law in 2010 and also attended Texas A&M University.

"She said "I'm the DA" and she said [to the cop], 'Can I speak with you?' and he pulled her aside away from me," Platt told the newspaper.

He reported the incident to Uber, anxious that his passenger would follow through with her threats, and said he only wanted an apology from Warner for "belittling" him and "way worse". Now Warner is a former prosecutor.

Warner, whose Twitter profile was no longer active as of Monday, did not return a message seeking comment. "But you don't treat people that way". She wrote, in part, "I am so excited to be a ROOKIE on Team Blonde this year and to participate in the incredible organization that is BvB Dallas ('Blondes v. Brunettes')".

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