UK Parliament to have formal vote on final Brexit deal


David Davis has caved in to demands for MPs to vote on a separate Bill to implement any Brexit agreement, to head off a major Tory revolt.

While it will not mean that Brexit could be stopped, it will mean that Britain could leave the European Union without a deal.

Speaking in the Commons, Conservative former minister Owen Paterson asked: "If the House of Commons votes down the new withdrawal bill, will the outcome be we still leave on March 29 2019, but without an agreement?" Tellingly, it comes as the government try to persuade Tory rebels to play ball over the EU Withdrawal Bill which returns to the House tomorrow - and this concession is aimed directly at an amendment to that nature from Dominic Grieve.

Lawmakers have proposed 186 pages of amendments to the bill, which largely "copy and paste" European Union rules and regulations into British law but also, critics say, hand the government wide-ranging powers and cut parliament out of some Brexit planning.

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"For months, Labour has been calling on ministers to guarantee parliament a final say on the withdrawal agreement".

Mr Davis confirmed MPs and peers will be given a take-it-or-leave-it choice on the Brexit deal, as he explained if Parliament rejects a withdrawal agreement, Britain will still leave the EU.

Labour's Keir Starmer accused the United Kingdom government of a "last-minute climb down", after it had repeatedly called for voting on a Brexit deal in the House of Commons.

Labour fronbenchers today hailed a massive victory as Theresa May executed another huge u-turn and granted MPs a vote on the final Brexit deal.

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"With less than 24 hours before they had to defend their flawed bill to Parliament they have finally backed down", he said.

Even if time is on the government's side, there are also so many different parties involved in achieving the final deal that it seems unlikely Parliament could just keep sending Davis back to Brussels until he got is just right. However, like everything with this government the devil will be in the detail.

Opponents of Brexit said that Davis hadn't gone far enough.

The Tory MP said the new legislation will provide "certainty and clarity" as Britain leaves the EU, ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston tweeted that the 68-year-old's announcement was a "potentially important concession to Tory rebels" ahead of potential rebellions on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill this week.

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