You can play online on PS4 for free later this week


Following the steps of Microsoft, Sony is now releasing a "PlayStation Plus open multiplayer event", which lets you play online all your favorite games on your console without the existence of an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

Deals start well before Thanksgiving Day, and will begin on Sunday November 19 through Cyber Monday the following week. The discounted items and bundles will be available online through the PS Store on Tuesday, Nov. 21 until Nov. 28, 11 a.m. EST. While it doesn't seem like the standalone headset will be discounted further, the deals on bundles featuring cameras and controllers should more than makeup for it. This includes the recently announced PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport (Amazon) Bundle at $299.99 and PlayStation VR Skyrim (Amazon) VR Bundle at $349.99.

Trouble for Mugabe as Zimbabwe military threatens to step
Chiwenga threatened retribution on all Zanu PF counter-revolutionaries bent on "destroying the party from within". I will fight tooth and nail against those making a mockery of Zanu PF founding principles, ethos and values.

With the holiday season hitting real soon, Sony is prepping it's PlayStation hardware for the big sale.

The DualShock 4 translucent-designed controllers - available in Crystal, Blue Crystal, and Red Crystal - will also be discounted, and their prices will start at $39.99. Certain color combinations or styles may be more expensive, but for those looking for a new DualShock 4 it's going to be worth looking around.

Trump unlikely to rebuke Duterte for drug war killings
Duterte told a gathering a businessmen in December 2016 that as mayor of Davao he prowled the streets and killed people. The much-anticipated meeting between two of the world's most controversial leaders is set to take place on November 13.

To get in the holiday spirit, we've got some awesome Black Friday deals to share with you.

Regarding individual game sales, Sony's plans shift a bit compared to the hardware sale. All you need to do is get comfy, pick out your favourite games from your collection, pop them in your PS4 and you'll find all the online modes unlocked and ready to play!

Hitman TV Series Coming to Hulu from 'John Wick' Creator
The report from Deadline also noted that there are two new Hitman games in the works which is interesting, to say the least. Unlike 2007's Hitman film, or 2015's Hitman : Agent 47 , the planned Hitman adaptation will be for a new TV series on Hulu.