YouTube Announces Partnership with Ticketmaster


YouTube today announced a partnership with Ticketmaster that will see the Google-owned video network connecting fans with concert tickets and tour information directly on artists' YouTube video pages.

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If you've ever been watching a music video and thought "I'd love to see them live", YouTube has your back.

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If you'll read a bit of YouTube's announcement of the partnership, it reads a bit like a proposal to Ticketmaster. "Starting today, we will begin featuring hundreds of artists' upcoming USA tour dates on their YouTube videos". This is thanks to a collaboration between YouTube and Ticketmaster. The streaming giant is now rolling out a "Tickets" widget. However it should be noted that this new feature is only applicable for Ticketmaster shows in North America right now, but there are plans to eventually expand it to the rest of the world. If YouTube is indeed serious on expanding this feature globally, then it's possible that Ticketmaster is just the first of many other ticketing companies that will be part of this new feature integration. Tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster, and Ticketmaster only. The great thing about this integration is that it's available on both the YouTube desktop site and on the iOS and Android YouTube apps.

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YouTube terms already barred "terrorists" from using the service, but the new policy keeps out videos uploaded by others that militants would likely distribute if they could have accounts, according to a YouTube spokesperson. YouTube has become one of the largest platforms for discovering and streaming music because of official artists channels and VEVO channels publishing music videos. YouTube also has a massive audience to market these tickets too - with 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users, this exposes Ticketmaster concerts to a huge number of online music fans.

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Next to all the listings is a "tickets" button that, when clicked, will redirect users to Ticketmaster's website to make their purchase.