Australia's 1st Legal Same-Sex Weddings Were Today & We're Crying Happy Tears


January 9 was expected to be the first day of same-sex weddings after the minting of fresh laws requiring couples give four weeks notice, but some couples have been given permission to tie the knot sooner.

Lauren, who's family live in Wales in the United Kingdom, had already organised for her relatives to come to Australia to attend her and Amy's civil ceremony, so when the law changed, she was granted an exception, and much to the couple's joy, the ceremony became a legal wedding.

The couple were given special permission to Wednesday without giving a month's notice to Births, Deaths and Marriages NSW, according to Daily Telegraph.

Another couple, Amy and Elise McDonald, who had originally planned just a commitment ceremony, were allowed an exemption to skip the one-month waiting period and they married in Melbourne on Saturday, according to 7 News First.

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"We went in there and made our case, and the officials left the room to make their decision", Laker told Daily Mail Australia.

Melbourne couple Amy and Elise McDonald became the first gay pair in Victoria to legally Wednesday under new same-sex marriage laws for similar reasons, the Herald Sun reported.

The exemption was granted on financial grounds, citing the travel costs of the couple's relatives.

Bradley said that when the same-sex legislation was passed, the two women sought an exemption from the 30-day waiting period to marry because Price's family had already travelled to Sydney.

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The couple are in a race against time because Ms Willow has breast cancer, which has spread to her brain.

"I don't even know if I'll make it to Christmas, let alone January 9, so they allowed us to get married early", she told AAP.

It shows a heartening willingness on behalf of the government agency to get the ball rolling on making marriage equality a reality for everyone who wants to share that commitment with their partner. "We wanted to do a wedding because it's equal, it's legal", said Heather.

"It means our relationship won't just be tolerated, it will be accepted", Richards said.

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