Bernie Sanders thinks Trump should consider resigning over sexual misconduct


On Thursday morning, during an appearance on "CBS This Morning", Sanders was asked to weigh in on the sexual misconduct controversies embroiling the Senate right now. The tide against the former comedian turned decisively Wednesday, when leading Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, called on him to step down. Sanders, one of Trump's sharpest critics, was speaking after calling on Democratic Senator Al Franken to step down amid a series of allegations of sexual misconduct. Trump and other prominent Republicans still support his candidacy.

"With Christmas season in full swing, I want shine a spotlight on some of the stories of Christmas generosity and love that show what the Christmas spirit and the American spirit are all about", Sanders said. "We feel strongly that the people of this country also addressed that when they elected Donald Trump to be president". He had boasted that his celebrity status allows him to "just start kissing" handsome women and "grab them by the pussy".

"Look, the president addressed the comments back during the campaign", Huckabee Sanders said.

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Trump later apologized for the remarks and described them as "locker room" talk.

"There were a lot of questions on that - frankly, pretty ridiculous questions", Sanders told reporters at her daily briefing.

"What I worry about right now, as we speak, in restaurants and in offices all over this country, where you have bosses who are not famous, there is harassment of women and women are being intimidated".

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"We think the allegations are troubling and ultimately this is something the people of Alabama will decide", Sanders said.

Franken was scheduled to make an announcement on the Senate floor Thursday, and was expected to resign.

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