Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal's SHOCKING plans to confront Priyank Sharma


As they freeze, the parents of the contestants enter the house to meet their son or daughter, one by one. "I want to say so many things but it will have to be short and sweet; and yet powerful for him to understand", Divya said to International Business Times, in an interview before going inside the house. The contestants began arguing even before they entered the show (Vikas and Shilpa) and a rather peculiar love angle developed in the house (Bandgi and Puneesh).

When he entered the house, Priyank's loyalty and love towards Vikas made the other contestants doubt if they were in a relationship. Her father meets every contestant and lastly kissed her daughter forehead and advice her to talk properly with everyone.

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Speaking of the mixed emotions running inside her as she will finally see Priyank after such a long time, she told the portal, "I am emotional and angry". Sad to see such an act on national television and that too on a family show!

Bigg Boss 11's Priyank Sharma was the first contestant to be evicted from the house. While we assume that she is here in the Bigg Boss house to sort out their differences, Divya has clearly mentioned to the website that there is no possibility of them getting back together.

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As we all know Divya had recently announced her break up with Priyank after seeing his closeness with Benafsha Soonawalla. And she also said to Akash that he calls Shilpa his mother than he should fulfill his responsibilities as a son and please don't abuse her. She told Priyank about how disappointed she is. Divya, also took the opportunity to tell Priyank that he doesn't need a girl's support (read: Hina Khan) to win the show. She even tells him that he has hurt her a lot.

Apart from Divya, Vikas' mom's presence left everyone emotional. Watch this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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