Can't accept preconditions for talks with North Korea: Rex Tillerson


The top USA envoy for North Korea said Friday that "real dialogue" is needed to gauge what Pyongyang wants from its accelerated drive towards nuclear weapons statehood.

"I don't know how to say it any more direct: If nothing changes, Trump's gonna have to use the military option, because time is running out", said Graham.

He stressed that "in our race against North Korea, we need to do more - way, way more" to counter North Korea's "evasive tactics" to avoid United Nations sanctions which he said are becoming more sophisticated.

But the White House distanced itself from those remarks by Tillerson and said now is not the time for negotiations. That overture was nearly immediately rebutted by White House officials.

On Friday, Tillerson reiterated Trump's position.

Pyongyang is deeply concerned that Washington's real aim is regime change-either through an economic blockade or war-and has sought security guarantees before any talks. "And we hope they will agree to have a dialogue", he told reporters in Bangkok. -South Korean military exercises, which he called a serious threat to peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.

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After its ICBM launch on November the 29th, the North Korean Government claimed that it now possessed the capability to strike any location in the continental United States. He tweeted later that the "primary point of the call was to discuss North Korea". "And we're going to see what happens with North Korea". Russian Federation and China have criticised the U.S. military exercises conducted with South Korean forces. But he added, "We will meanwhile keep our channels of communication open".

Tillerson sought to assure the UN Security Council that the USA was not about to launch a war on North Korea.

Such assurances are worthless.

Kono said last week's visit to Pyongyang by United Nations political chief Jeffrey Feltman "only reconfirmed the dire reality" that North Korea "is nowhere near ready" to abandon its nuclear and missile programs, "nor is it interested in returning to a meaningful dialogue". The United Nations has suggested holding talks to figure out the substance of negotiations further down the line, and a military-to-military hotline to dampen risks of conflict.

The United States has called on China to cut off oil supplies to North Korea, a move that would deal a crippling blow to its economy.

In carefully chosen words, Admiral John Richardson, the United States highest-ranking naval officer, underscored the Pentagon's preparedness for war with North Korea.

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Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and one of Trump's golfing partners, was not so circumspect.

In an interview with The Atlantic published on December 14, Sen. If North Korea conducted another nuclear test, he said, the probability could rise to 70 percent. He said its possession of nuclear weapons was self-defense against "US nuclear threat and blackmail".

In a chilling assessment of what the USA is preparing, Graham warned: "War with North Korea is an all-out war against the regime".

Pyongyang's assertion of ambitions to global supremacy came on Friday after Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the Security Council, "The situation on the Korean Peninsula is the most tense and unsafe peace and security issue in the world today".

The acute danger of war is also heightening factional infighting in Washington and efforts to remove Trump.

North Korea and Japan have a long and established history of rivalry after the North was known to have kidnapped Japanese people from their country between 1977 to 1983 in a bid to make them spies.

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