China Launches Their Own Air Exercises to Counter US/South Korea Drill


The U.S. flew two B-1B supersonic bombers over Korea on Thursday, the second sortie carried out here this week by the Guam-based aircraft, a defense official said.

"North Korea has been very critical of the military drills when it comes to Korea and the US forces using stealth fighters", according to Woo Jung-Yeop, research fellow at Sejong Institute.

On Dec. 4, the US and South Korea kicked off their largest joint air exercise yet, dubbed Vigilant Ace 18, involving hundreds of aircraft and tends of thousands of troops on the ground.

According to Bloomberg, the the five-day joint air exercise on the Korean peninsula involved 230 aircraft and 12,000 American troops.

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Neither said anything to reporters, beyond Lavrov's claim to a reporter who shouted questions loudly and clearly, "I can't hear you".

"The threat here on the peninsula is very real, and countering that threat needs to be in the forefront of our minds", 51st Fighter Wing Commander Col. William Betts said in a release.

The exercise provides realistic air combat training for the United States and Republic of Korea, testing and refining the readiness and interoperability of US-ROK forces to deter aggression and provide a rapid response to attack.

South Korean government officials, including President Moon Jae-in, have said the North's latest ICBM is their most capable yet, although it has several critical points to prove, such as re-entry technology and terminal stage guidance.

The White House might certainly consider sort of attempt to launch a disarming strike against North Korea.

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Their luxury home in Bel-Air, which they had just put on the market three days ago, was "in the middle of it all", he said. Neither is Bel-Air CC, though CBS Los Angeles said the course closed Wednesday "out of an abundance of caution".

The Trump Administration does not seem to consider the North Korean dictator to be a rational actor, and therefore, seems to believe he can not be deterred.

He also said the only remaining question is when war will break out, adding the country will make the USA pay dearly with its own nuclear force.

"And as you know, this is a regime that's never met a weapon that it hasn't proliferated".

Officials in Pyongyang have described the exercises as the USA president "begging for a nuclear war". The aircraft participating in the exercises are simulating the destruction of the DPRK's nuclear and missile facilities, as well as mobile rocket launchers. Precautions must be taken to ensure Pyongyang does not make a similar error that results in an accidental nuclear war.

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