Consumer Favorability Ratings for Large ISPs Withstand Net Neutrality Heat


Against Me!, Bassnectar, Colin Hay, Atmosphere, the Glitch Mob and Run the Jewels' Trackstar the DJ were also among the signers of the open letter, which argued that killing net neutrality would allow "telecom giants" to monopolize internet access as well as be the arbiters of what is accessible.

In response to a November 21 tweet that announced the FCC's desire to roll back the rules, Tonko tweeted: "This is awful". The FCC has enforced net neutrality with ISPs in the past.

But the FCC said it will stick to its December 14 plan to repeal the net neutrality rules that prevent Internet Service Providers from throttling or blocking content online, and prohibit ISPs from prioritizing some content over others, possibly for payment.

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Repealing net neutrality would essentially turn your internet service provider (Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, etc.) into the single most influential gatekeeper of your entire online experience.

Yesterday Ajit Pai, head of the Federal Communications Commission and former Verizon lawyer, spoke at Verizon headquarters in DC. Internet service providers such as Comcast and Verizon are the sole supporters of this bill, and they are the only businesses this bill would benefit.

"If the FCC votes to gut these protections it will explicitly allow Internet providers to charge extra fees that amount to a tax on the entire creative economy". Johnson said. "They're going to have to share that same pipeline, no prioritization, with, for example, people streaming illegal content or pornography?"

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There's also an oft-repeated canard against net neutrality making the rounds. Sen. It is clear that Americans overwhelming support net neutrality. Medical services already have a fast lane available to them under the 2015 net neutrality order. Many people only have one option to access the internet.

The other part of Johnson's quote, which is another popular sentiment from Pai, is that companies aren't investing in broadband innovation. In addition, another study by the consumer advocacy group Free Press found that broadband investment had actually increased since 2015. One of those, is your internet bill could start looking like your cable bill.

Net neutrality is a good deal for consumers and small-business owners.

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