Experts Offer Tips For Those Buying 'Real' Christmas Trees


"We found in the beginning that people were taking the tags off [and taking another customer's] tree", says Hamilton. "You know it's all about personal preference" says Johnson.

Johnson says prices will remain the same this year, but the demand for fir trees will cause a slight increase next year.

'Tis the season to be jolly, but according to doctors 'tis also the season to get sick thanks to your Christmas tree.

"Evergreen plants seem alive when everything else appears dead", she noted. "It's kind of misleading, because the demand for real trees is up considerably".

No matter what tree you get, when the season is over and it's turned into firewood or mulch, it's the memories at the farm that won't disintegrate.

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For decreased risk of home fire, artificial tree: The National Fire Protection Association determined that the risk of a fire is three times greater with natural trees than artificial ones, reported CR, adding that total number of Christmas-tree-related fires is small and burning candles are the far more common culprit. But one Vestavia family takes their tradition a step further - they help other families find the flawless Christmas tree. "Trees are like the lungs of the planet", it said. "Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife".

The employees help you cut the tree down and bundle it up to take home.

"To keep the freshest tree you wanna make sure you keep watering it", said Toby brown, Co-Owner of Snowy Mountain Christmas trees.

The general guidelines on keeping a living Christmas tree indoors is to limit it to a week to ten days maximum, after which the tree should be moved back to an unheated yet sheltered transition location for at least a few days. "Drivers should never secure a Christmas tree to the top of a vehicle without a roof rack".

Small or large, if you're still looking for that flawless tree, there are about 20,000 at the Airport Tree Plantation in Millville to choose from.

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Note, though, if you're not going to recycle your tree, the fact that it could be recycled doesn't count as a plus.

Instead of buying a cut tree that gets used once, choosing a potted or burlap-bagged living Christmas tree can yield years of enjoyment.

Lane said you can also shake the tree yourself. Touch the tree's branches, and see if any needles fall off.

For allergy relief, it's a draw. "And no one said you couldn't purchase more than one!" A fake Christmas tree that's been stored in the attic or basement can collect dust or mold, too. "It really comes down to your holiday traditions and what works best for your family", it said.

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