Ford suing John Cena after sale of 2017 GT


One such lucky buyer of the Ford GT was American wrestler and sometime actor John Cena (not a particularly familiar name this side of the Pond), a man with a high profile in the United States and who Ford assumed would cast a big celebrity halo over the GT.

According to Ford, which has filed a lawsuit in Michigan, Cena only owned his GT for a couple of weeks before selling it for a rumoured big profit.

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Back when deliveries of the new Ford GT started, professional wrestler John Cena was pictured with an example of the supercar. Cena was allowed to buy the auto, but then he turned around and sold it only weeks after the purchase was made and Ford isn't happy.

When supercar makers deliver a new rare and expensive model to the market - like the McLaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari - they go to a lot of trouble to ensure buyers are real aficionados who will love and cherish their new auto. "Those buyers are happy to sign to get those cars". Cena says that the vehicle was sold "along with other assets to liquidate for cash to take care of expenses". "My sincerest apologies", Cena told Ford. Ford specified a 24-month ownership period as a minimum to qualify for a GT purchase.

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Ford wants damages of over $75.000 because the brand's reputation has suffered as a result of the athlete's irresponsible actions. Sometimes auto companies try to prevent this by making buyers sign contracts such as the one Cena broke, or alternatively, if the company finds out speculators made a profit on the vehicle, they won't allow those buyers to buy rare cars from that brand in future.

Cena says he's looking to work with Ford to set the situation right.

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It seems it doesn't pay to mess with the Blue Oval.