Gigi Hadid & Her Gloriously Fuzzy Armpits Rock Out In Love Mag's Advent


The video-which is the 11th installment of the magazine's 31-day model-filled calendar-shows a sweaty-haired Hadid working out in an empty room. Instead of talking about the message of the video, everyone took to social media to talk about the hair on her armpits because, well, how else do people get their opinion out nowadays?

Gigi Hadid looks hotter than ever in a new video for the "LOVE" Advent Calendar, but her armpit hair has fans divided. The model can be seen boxing, kicking, stretching, and working up a sweat while showing off her natural armpit hair.

"Babe. Plus bonus respect for keeping the pit hair real", one wrote.

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"It's arm pit hair, and it's wonderful that they did this with such mainstream model", one wrote, while another fan writes: "I love this one!"

We're noticing a trend with Gigi Hadid's modeling projects this month.

Gigi Hadid just did something most fashionistas wouldn't dare. "Don't go mad. Women have armpit hair too, it's not unusual", urged a second, as a third exclaimed: "Her armpit hair is giving me LIFE".

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We're told the culprit was simply that navy cropped coat Gigi is seen wearing in the vid - ya know, the one in which she's striking poses and kinda working up a sweat.

A message from the blonde star also flashes up on the screen, stating: It's celebratory of epic human beings and always pushes boundaries.

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