Hollywood actresses to protest gender inequality at the Golden Globes


U.S. magazine People claims that several sources have told them actresses will make a statement against the culture of sexual misconduct in their industry, which has dominated the news agenda since the revelations against Harvey Weinstein emerged earlier this year.

In years past, celebrities on the red carpet have donned ribbons and buttons to highlight or support a specific cause, but their plan for the awards ceremony (and preceding red carpet) is to all wear black.

Meryl Streep Rebukes Trump at Golden Globes
Meryl Streep Rebukes Trump at Golden Globes

"All female actresses attending the Globes are protesting by just wearing black gowns", a source told PEOPLE in response to rumours that female stars were planning to challenge the current status quo.

"All of the female actresses and attendees, or a lot of them at least, who are going to the Golden Globes, are standing in solidarity together in a form of protest".

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The source added, "This movement is spreading rampantly and pretty much all the nominated women and others attending are participating". Some sources said that while it could begin at the January 7 award show, the protest could continue throughout awards season.

"Many actresses have been vocal about their own experiences of sexual harassment or assault, joining the national "#MeToo" movement exposing incidents of sexual misconduct. Men who have been accused of inappropriate behaviour includes Kevin Spacey, George HW Bush, Jeremy Piven, Brett Ratner, Dustin Hoffman, Steven Seagal, Louis CK, Jeffrey Tambor and Matt Lauer.

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards), which was voted for by actors, will feature girl power in spades.

"All the stylists who already did fittings are now changing out their clients' original picks for Globes". But as word got out actresses have made a decision to get on board and make a statement.

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No festive red-carpet promenade took place ahead of the subdued show either. Kristen Bell will serve as the first-ever host of the ceremony as previously announced.