Instagram says do not take selfies with wild animals


It comes after the charity launched a Wildlife Selfie Code for tourists to learn how to take a photos with wild animals without fuelling cruelty.

With their teddy bear frames and heart-melting faces, taking a selfie with a koala to upload to social media has become a mandatory part of any student's gap year. You'll see if when viewing these flagged hashtags, but users posting photos under the same hashtags will not receive the warning.

Instagram acts to stop animal cruelty

The photo-sharing platform worked with the World Wildlife Fund, its partner organisation TRAFFIC and World Animal Protection to draw up a list of the most commonly used hashtags in association with animal exploitation imagery and videos.

The introduction of the warning feature is part of a fine line that social networks walk between stopping the spread of negative images and censoring users.

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Others may not realize their selfie-obsession is harmful to certain animals, she said - like in August, when a baby dolphin died after beachgoers in southern Spain passed it around for pictures.

After consulting with animal rights groups, the company chose to eliminate activities that involve travellers "coming into physical contact with" captive wild animals or endangered species. Those hashtags will still appear in search results.

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Instagram has not disclosed most of the hashtags, as officials want users to stumble across them on their own, according to National Geographic. In fact, the socialite, Paris Hilton, posted one a week ago. Instagram officials also don't want people who purposely post illegal wildlife practices to find ways around the warnings. The use of #thinspiration, for example, will bring a pop-up message that warns you of the dangers of eating disorders.

Though there are plenty of people who don't give two shits about the safety of animals when it comes to furthering their brand, Instagram is hoping these notifications will help to educate people who don't know about the negative ramifications of riding an elephant while overseas. In order to make animals comply with unnatural demands, they are either kidnapped from the wild and beaten into submission or bred in captivity and taken from their mothers at birth so they can be handled and fed by humans. "We're trying to do our part to educate them".

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This Instagram gesture may not stop people from publishing photos with koalas.