Jennifer Lawrence Says Her Films Are Like Boyfriends


I just thought, 'I'll never do that again. "Do you want to?" "And any time you're in a relationship, their pain is your pain", she told The Hollywood Reporter.

In an earlier statement made when the accusations of sexual assault and harassment came out abot Weisntein, Lawrence said in a statement that she had been left "deeply disturbed" by the allegations, which saw the producer fired from his own company, The Weinstein Company, as well as the resignation of many board members, describing them as "inexcusable and absolutely upsetting".

When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in a discussion published on the 6th of December, the Oscar victor claimed that many people in the industry urged her to talk about the allegations. "I've been afraid of that since 2014, when I got my pictures hacked".

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Lawrence told Oprah Winfrey, in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, that she chose her role in the thriller because of the "chemistry" she had with it, and said it was "like meeting a boyfriend".

"They are all frightful, and not one is more horrifying than the next, but being able to hear when the woman wore the microphone and Harvey was telling her to watch him shower - I felt sick in my bones for an entire day", the actress said.

Aside from dreaming about tossing drinks in Trump's face, Lawrence said that her "political passion has become nearly an obsession". As long as Lawrence has been a big star in Hollywood, she's given back to her community and beyond.

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If we know anything about Jennifer Lawrence, it's that her ideal night includes staying home and drinking wine (same). The foundation supports organizations like St. Mary's Center, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Kids Cancer Alliance, among others. And Lawrence said that right now, Represent.Us is at the front of her mind. I knew she was a very special person and that she would be more than fine. Lawrence and Winfrey also chatted about who her ideal dinner guests would be: "Scott Disick [from Keeping Up With the Kardashians], Luann [de Lesseps] from Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel".

"I've been probably more insecure after past year, and I don't know if that's just a feeling of: I've got more to lose, I have more people to disappoint".

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