North Korea says naval blockade would be 'act of war'


Graham downplayed concerns that the eruption of hostilities between the USA and North Korea could kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Korea and put tens of thousands of American troops stationed in Seoul in harm's war, saying Trump needs to think about the American homeland first.

"As the secretary of state has said, this must include - but is not limited to - no further nuclear or missile tests".

The Trump administration's lack of a consistent message toward North Korea has been criticized for plunging its allies into confusion as well as making North Korea doubt the US's willingness to negotiate.

Kim Jong-un “wants most people not to think too much”
Kim Jong-un “wants most people not to think too much”KCNA VIA KNS afp Getty Images

Tillerson has been the subject of months of speculation about his future in the administration, while his relationship with Trump has received much attention.

Vassily Nebenzia told a ministerial meeting of the U.N. Security Council Friday that "all of these steps force us to wonder about the sincerity of statements that suggest that there is a preference for a peaceful approach to resolving the crisis" by the United States. But the White House distanced itself from Tillerson's remarks and said that now is not the time for negotiations.

He said North Korea won't halt its nuclear and missile programs "while it feels a direct threat to its security". So if the White House is not backing up Tillerson, it suggests that Tillerson himself is trying to push the White House in the direction of just getting talks started, and perhaps Tillerson doesn't fully appreciate all the downside risks associated with talks without any kind of presteps or preconditions. "My understanding is that the White House's reaction serves to reiterate this position".

S.Korea, China Say War 'Can't Be Tolerated' on Korean Peninsula
China and South Korea agreed in October to normalise exchanges and move past the dispute, which froze trade and business links. He and another photographer, who was less seriously hurt, were due to return to South Korea on Friday for further treatment.

"We are open to the possibility of dialogue with North Korea, with the aim of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula". "So we continue to indicate to them that we need a period of quiet".

The country revealed plans for a previously unknown ballistic missile types when they were mistakenly filmed on a wall chart during coverage of a visit by Kim Jong-un.

Tillerson's United Nations appearance also follows reports from most USA media outlets that Trump plans to replace the current Secretary of State with Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo.

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Nebenzia also responded to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's accusation that Russian Federation allows North Korean laborers to toil in "slave-like conditions" for wages used to fund nuclear weapons.

"Denuclearization is the only viable objective and if we all focus on that, we have a strong chance for success", he added.

South Korea ended this year as the world's 14th-ranked team in women's football, according to FIFA on Friday. The impression given is of a continuum with Tillerson at one end, ready to chat about the weather with North Korean officials if they so desire, and McMaster at the other, musing to a British think tank that maybe shipping companies that smuggle banned goods to North Korea "ought to be on notice that that might be the last delivery of anything they do for a long time, anywhere".

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It was not immediately clear whether Tillerson, whose influence has appeared to wane within the administration, had Trump's full support to seek such a diplomatic opening. Trump called reports of his intention to oust Tillerson "fake news".