NY attorney general: Millions of fake comments taint net neutrality vote


The FCC also contends net neutrality stifles competition.

Michael Powell, a former FCC chairman who heads a trade group representing major cable companies and content creators, told reporters that internet providers would not block content because it would not make economic sense and consumers would not stand for it.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson also signed the letter to the FCC.

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The officials' letter comes several days after the FCC rejected a request to assist New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's investigation into at least one million fake comments - including comments apparently generated by bots - regarding net neutrality.

What's at stake? Your right to freedom of expression and access to information. Advocates of net neutrality say that the Obama-era rules protect the internet from ISPs wanting to profit and control an entity that is widely used and now open.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which advocates for a free and open internet, has stripped the rhetoric from the FCC's argument and exposed it for what it really is - just another naked power grab by the monopolies that drive all of us batty with their services. Since Pai outlined his goal to dismantle the open internet earlier this year, there has been a public outcry resulting in 23 million comments (of which 98.5 percent of unique comments oppose the repeal plan) and denouncements from his fellow FCC members. "Why are we even going down this path?"

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While these corporations are supposed to serve the function of a public utility, they clearly exist to serve the interests of their elite shareholders and executives - pursuing lax regulations and maximum profit rather than transparency or consumer choice.

WHNT spoke to deans of the school in regards to net neutrality and they weren't able to comment. Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden has defended the rules, arguing the government can not expect internet providers to police themselves.

According to the Vermont Attorney General, some of those fake comments had attached to them the names of live and kicking Vermonters. The views expressed in this commentary are her own.

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Donovan has created an online portal - www.uvm.edu/consumer/fake-fcc-comments - where Vermonters can find out if their names were attached to false comments.