Overwatch League Uniform Skins Will Be Available for In-Game Purchase


Blizzard is planning to make the Overwatch League a lot more professional, and one of the first steps was to be able to tell one team from the other. This means that players will be able to wear the uniform which represents them no matter what character they play. Today, Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer confirmed that the answer is yes: "Home team uniforms" for all OWL teams will be available for purchase early next year. I do wonder a currency exchange will become a feature, allowing players to convert credits into tokens. The uniforms will be available for all 26 heroes in the game.

The new currency called League Token will be introduced for players to purchase a team uniform skin of your favorite Overwatch League team. However, players still get one more chance to get one.

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To make Overwatch matches easier to follow for viewers, Blizzard's designers have created color-based skins for use in the game.

Blizzard revealed that the fans of the Overwatch League teams will be able to buy the team skins, but not in the same manner as how all other Overwatch skins are purchased.

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On the surface, the system isn't too dissimilar from what we've seen in games like CS:GO, which have esports-specific cosmetic crates and in-game player autograph stickers that support the pro scene. Also, as this system is launched, Blizzard wants to be generous. However, purchasing Overwatch League team skins will work in a different way compared to buying regular "Overwatch" skins.

On December 5th, Nate Nanzer, the League commissioner, posted a video introducing the newly implemented Overwatch League Token on the Overwatch League official website.

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